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Top Apps Recommended by School Social Workers

During the Fall, SSWAA surveyed our members on a number of fun topics in the hopes of gathering knowledge and advice from our very own professionals in the field. One survey included their most used app, either for use in practice or to support their own mental health. Below are the top app recommendations by your very own SSWAA members.

1. Calm

Calm offers its app FREE to all educators (normally $69.99 a year). There are great series specifically for children that involve children’s favorites such as Thomas the Train and Camilla Cabello. There are also sleep stories tailored to children or adults that will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

Calm includes:

  • Mindfulness Series by Age

  • Mindfulness Series by Topic (Anxiety, Relationships, Focus, Etc.)

  • Sleep Stories

  • Relaxing Ambient Music

Headspace also offers its app FREE to all educators (normally $69.99 a year). One outstanding feature of Headspace for educators is all the free education resources they provide including training, classroom posters, guides, and more!

Headspace includes:

  • Mindfulness Series by Age

  • Over 500+ Mindfulness Exercises

  • Articles and Training on SEL For Children

  • Music Playlists

Other App Suggestions

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