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Welcome Back to School!

The School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) welcomes you back for the 2023-2024 school year. During the school year, School Social Workers are likely to be confronted with challenges, heightened anxieties, and anticipated difficulties. However, School Social Workers face these challenges with strength and resilience. 

SSWAA has exciting activities planned for 2023-2024!  As the premiere national School Social Work organization, SSWAA stands with you as you seek professional development training to expand your knowledge of your role and best practice strategies.  SSWAA is committed to assist you as you seek tools and resources to elevate your practice in the school setting.  SSWAA is devoted to help you engage with our profession, thus connecting you with a vast network of professionals.  Below is a collection of information and resources that we hope will support you to meet the challenges and excitement of a new school year together! 


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sswaa resources
LGBTQ+ Resources
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HRC Supports LGBTQ+ Students, Their Families and Educators With Its Back To School Checklist. 

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Office Must Haves


Check out SSWAA's must haves for a School Social Worker's Office!

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Talking to Kids about Tragedies (Such as Shootings and Terror Attacks) in the News

This guide offers insight and suggestions for how to handle talking to children in relation to tragic events, such as shootings and terrorist attacks, that they are likely to hear about at school and/or on the news.

SEL Resources

The first days and weeks of school can be both exciting and challenging for students and adults. Social and emotional learning (SEL) can help lay the foundation for a strong school year. Here are five strategies to get started.

talk, text, Set to Go resources

SSWAA and The Jed Foundation have partnered up to bring back Text, Talk, Set to Go. Text, Talk, Set to Go is a free 45-minute text-messaging activity that helps prepare high school juniors and seniors  emotionally and mentally for the transition year. 

Here’s how it works:

This fall, divide students into groups of 3-4, with one cell phone per group (this can be done in-person or virtually). Groups text SetToGo to the number 833-440-2220 to receive a series of text messages that guides their group through a conversation on the transition out of high school: why it is important to prepare, how to prepare emotionally for it and how to create an action plan to promote success.  

The text messages include videos, social media interactions, polling questions and discussion questions. To learn more, please watch the informational video above or click here.

Visit the website for the Organizing Guides and to sign up for the participation contest, for your chance to win $500 for your school. Please contact Raquel Goodrich at with any questions.

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