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national certified school social workertm

National certification for school social workers centers around the nine (9) competencies associated with the National School Social Work Model. The national certification competencies were derived from the Practice Features in the National School Social Work Practice Model. The performance indicators were developed by a diverse team of school social work professionals and academics representing all regions of SSWAA. The portfolio for national certification underwent further validation through public review (October 2017) and SSWAA Delegate Assembly review (July 2018). SSWAA Board approval of the document was obtained in December 2018. National Certification will launch and applications will be accepted starting April 1, 2021. Portfolios will be evaluated by experts in the field that have worked and/or taught in the field of school social work. The evaluators have completed a training and have been normed in the evaluation process.

Please consider the following requirements before registering for National Certification.  Applications will be reviewed to ensure that each candidate meets the following requirements:  
•    MSW 
•    At least 4 years post-MSW  experience as a School Social Worker or SSW educator in higher education
•    Current active licensure or certification in the state for a school social work position
•    Active SSWAA membership at the Full or Premiere level

The steps to obtain national certification include:

  1. Complete the application submitting proof of employment in the field and a cover letter

  2. Once the application is approved, pay the fee of $250 and receive an email with a link to access the course

  3. Begin working on your National Certification Portfolio

  4. Access the online course where you will upload your portfolio and submissions

  5. Attend orientation the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:00 pm ET

  6. Begin working on your National Certification Portfolio 

*Because the National Certified School Social WorkerTM course is self-paced, refunds are not available.  Individuals can apply for an extension if circumstances interfere with completion of the National Certification process within the one-year time frame.


national certified school social workertm
Tracey Parker

Tracey Parker

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Tia Marie Brumsted