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Evidence-Based Practice

Resources to assist you in locating Evidence-Based Practice:

Assessments (Measurement Tools)

 * = Strengths Based

(a) = Adaptive

Adaptive Behavior Assessment System a

Adaptive Behavior Evaluation Scale a

Bayley Scales of Infant & Toddler Development a

Diagnostic Adaptive Behavior Scale a

Protective Factors Survey (for parents)*

Rapid Assessment Instruments

Behavior-Emotional Rating Scale-II*

School Bullying Measures

What SSWAA Has Done, Is Doing, and Will Do about School Violence

School Climate Measures

School Climate Measures (Calif.)

Devereux Social-Emotional Scale*

Elementary School Success Profile (Grades 1-5)*

Healthy Families Parenting Inventory*

Learning Organization (for school personnel)*

School Health Index

School Success Profile (Grades 6-12)*

Social Skills Rating System*

Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale a

World Health Organization Disability Assessment Scale 2.0



Child Therapy


Mental Health Best Practices

Parent Training

Post-Traumatic Stress

Psychiatric Treatments

Psychological Treatments

Sexual Behavior

Sexual Exploitation

Teen Pregnancy

Traumatic Treatments


Prevention Programs

Alcohol/Substance Abuse


Child Abuse & Neglect

Child Welfare

Domestic Violence


Gang Involvement

Juvenile Delinquency

Parent Training

Pregnancy Prevention

School-Based Bullying

Sexual Assault/Violence

Social-Emotional Learning




Screening Tools (for Tier 2)

Adaptive Behavior (for Intellectual Disability)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)

Alcohol (AUDIT)


Bipolar Disorder


Drinking/Drug Use (CAGE Aid)

Mental Health Screening Tools


Refugee Health Screener

Resilience Scale

Screening Tool Reviews

Substance Use

Suicide (Columbia Teen Screen)

Suicide (SAFE-T)

Trauma (Life Events Checklist)

Trauma (Life Stressor Checklist)

Trauma (PTSD-8)

Trauma (Stressful Life Events Questionnaire)

Youth Screening (Pediatric Symptom Checklist)


Systematic Reviews (Research Summaries)

California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse

Campbell Collaboration

Cochrane Library

What Works Clearinghouse

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