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Why Join SSWAA?

Established in 1994, SSWAA has been dedicated for more than 20 years to providing the latest research, trends, and other career resources to school social workers across the United States. SSWAA has been able to stay on the cutting edge of our field, encouraging each individual to broaden their knowledge throughout their career growth so that they can elevate their SSWAA Membership Benefits & FAQs 4 skills and practice while enhancing their professional networks. The benefits gained through membership strengthen the professional as well as the students, families and communities which they serve. In addition, SSWAA encourages individuals to learn to love what they do by staying inspired and motivated and connected with the profession. It is imperative to be proactive about things one can discover on the career journey! So join SSWAA to be part of this vibrant professional community and gain support for your day to day practice!

Membership Benefits
membership benefits

The School Social Work Association of America is committed to empowering & equipping School Social Workers in their professional role.  SSWAA is devoted to the support of professionals as they expand their knowledge, elevate their practice, and engage with their profession to enable high quality work. SSWAA offers a variety of membership types and payment options.  The chart below shows the benefits you receive as a Basic Member, Full Member, or Premier Member.  We are proud to offer Premier Member Benefits to Retired Members & Student Members as well.

Membership Tiers Graphic.png
Website tools & resources

Membership full access to SSWAA’s website including practice tools, resolution statements, and public awareness items to educate stakeholders of the School Social Work role.

member discounts

Receive discounted rates to SSWAA events and activities including webinars, the National SSW Conference, and products.

professional liability insurance

With membership, receive $250,000 Professional Malpractice Liability Insurance from Forrest T. Jones & Co.

Advocacy & public policy development

Benefit from advocacy efforts at the national, state, and local levels via a Government Relations team, legislative committee,  action alerts, and other advocacy tools & resources.

Professional community & networking

Access to like-minded professionals via the Membership App, social media platforms, forums and discussion groups.

The "EBell" - Electronic Newsletter

Electronic newsletters with  the latest SSWAA activities plus resources for School Social Workers

SSW Research

Participate in School Social Work relevant research and gain access to current studies in the field.

support to states

Collaboration with state organizations to support the forward progress of the profession.  Gain access to needed tools and resources to develop a professional state organization in states where one does not exist.

premier benefits

SSWRL – School Social Work Resource Library

SSWRL is a virtual library included in SSWAA Premiere Membership. Through SHELF, Premiere members have access to hundreds of additional resources on trauma informed practice, SEL, crisis intervention, professional practice, and so much more. New resources are added weekly. This is a powerful tool you will not want to miss out on! 


Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to support you or your state association.


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