Role of a School Social Worker

August Podcast

Dr. Shanel Bishop from Indiana Wesleyan Univ. joins the podcast to discuss the role of a school social worker from a macro perspective.

Helping children cope with grief

November Podcast

Another important podcast collaboration with SSWAA. One of the most difficult tasks as a School Social Worker is helping children cope with grief. It is difficult, personal and vital. Heather Alden joins the podcast to discuss how school social workers can help students as they grieve. She gives insights and practice examples to help social workers understand the process.

Promoting Social-Emotional Learning within School Social Work

February Podcast

Tune in to Dare To Soar with Doctor R.C." as she speaks with SSWAA's National Campaign Representatives Dr. Kevin Tan & Sheri Olsen, LCSW about Promoting Social-Emotional Learning within School Social Work.

Race & Ethnic Disproportionality

September Podcast

A conversation about Race & Ethnic Disproportionality with National School Social Work Expert Dr. Kari Smith who also shares the serious impact that it has  across this nation today.

Bullying prevention and intervention

December Podcast

SSWAA's National Campaign Representative, and International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA) member Mrs. Dawn M. Jaeger speaks on the topic of Bullying Prevention/Intervention as collaboration occurs through the Empowering Voices of Social Work Advocacy as education & resources are shared.


March Podcast

Dr. R.C. brings attention to National School Social Work Week/Month
by speaking with SSWAA's National Campaign Representative Ms. Elizabeth McInerney, LICSW about WHY it is important to have School Social Workers at the forefront when addressing issues of HOMELESSNESS within their perspective K -12 Educational Setting.

Trauma Informed

October Podcast

SSWAA's National Campaign Representative Dr. Eileen Dombo works with many organizations to address the issues of vicarious trauma, creating trauma informed services, and Trauma treatment to sexual abuse survivors.

Violence prevention

February Podcast

This month's podcast features Dr. Laurel Thompson, student services director of Broward County which includes Stoneman Douglas in Parkland. After the tragedy in Parkland, Dr. Thompson (former social worker) led efforts to reduce violence in her school district. On this episode, Dr. Thompson inspires and informs social workers and educators on the violence prevention in her district.

LGBTQ+ students

March Podcast

Dr. R.C. continues to bring attention to National School Social Work Month by speaking with SSWAA's National Campaign Representative Patrick Mulkern, MSW, PPSC about how the Unique Training & Skillset of School Social Workers positively IMPACTS the educational setting as Understanding & Clarity is brought to the forefront while working with our LGBTQ+ students.


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