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School Social Work program development Toolkit


The School Social Work Program Development toolkit is designed to provide administrators and supervisors with useful tools to both inform the development of new School Social Work programs and to enhance/advance existing School Social Work programs. These tools will help to ensure adherence to standards of School Social Work practice as defined both by the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

contents in the toolkit include:

  • Who Are School Social Workers

  • NASW Standards for School Social Work Services

  • Supplemental Ethical Standards for School Social Work Practice

  • Overlapping and Unique Roles of Specialized Instructional Support Personnel

  • National School Social Work Practice Model

  • Protocol for Hiring School Social Workers

  • Highly Qualified School Social Workers

  • Essential Qualities of a Strong School Social Worker: Considerations for Hiring Managers and Prospective Applicants

  • The Effective Onboarding of School Social Workers

  • Effective Utilization of the School Social Worker

  • Organizational Analysis to Determine Best Structure and Fit for Social Work Services Within a District

  • Funding Sources

  • The Art of Becoming Indispensable

  • How to Start Providing School Social Work Services

  • Effective Supervision of School Social Workers

  • Accountability: Defining and Educating About the Role/Outputs/Outcomes of Services

  • School Social Work Evaluation and Retention

  • Professional Development

  • School Social Work Program Collaboration

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