ethical guidelines for School Social Work


Ethical Guidelines


Supplemental Ethical Standards for School Social Work Practice.    Document developed by the Midwest School Social Work Council and endorsed by SSWAA.  SSWAA greatly appreciates the hard work of Nic Dibble, Education Consultant, School Social Work Services for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction  and the Midwest School Social Work Council for providing clearer ethical guidance working with minors in a school setting.  March, 2015


In the left gutter on page 1 is a list of the associations that have communicated their endorsement of the SES in the chronological order in which the endorsements were received.  As more associations choose to endorse the SES, their names can be added to the list in the left gutter. Endorsements can be communicated to Nic Dibble in order to update the list.




Changes to the NASW Code of Ethics (effective Jan. 1, 2018): Adapted from Allan Barsky (2017)

School Social Work and the Privacy of Minors:   SSWAA Resolution Statement contributed by Nic Dibble

School Social Work in Host Settings:   SSWAA Resolution Statement contributed by Dr. Andy Frey and Flo Lankaster

School Social Work and Group Work:  SSWAA Resolution Statement contributed by Dr. Jim Raines

Minor Students’ Rights to Confidentiality, Self-Determination, and Informed Consent in Wisconsin  by Nic Dibble LSSW, CISW, Education Consultant, School Social Work Service Wisconsin Department of Public Instructions