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Resources for University Faculty & Researchers

If you have possible items to share with others, please contact us.


School Social Work Research

School Social Work-Special Interest Research Group   (SSW-SIG)

With the SSW-SIG's permission, SSWAA and the SSW-SIG will share cross links and

resources. Check out this site for a wealth of resources for Faculty and Researchers

interested in School Social Work.    Click here.

General Research Resources

Data Resources​

Research Studies



Research Methods

Research Methods Resources:  SSW-SIG has compiled useful reference

materials for writing and conducting research.



Journals of Interest

The SSW-SIG has compiled a selected list of relevant school social work journals and their 5-year impact factors. You will be able to click on journal names to find out more about them, including their domains, stated objectives, and comments from site visitors.  See list of Journals.  Source:  SSW-SIG




Recent School Social Work Publications   by SSW-SIG Members   Source:  SSW-SIG 




School Social Work Syllabi






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