By Hope Pacheco, LMSW, YES Prep Public Schools, Houston, Texas
2012 Texas School Social Worker of the Year


We are the seekers of the truth, when they don’t know what to say
We are the holders of what is sacred, in a time of hurt and pain
We are the keepers of their secrets, when no one needs to know
We are the reporters when it is mandated and the bruises start to show

We listen to their stories and help them find their truth
We hold their hand when they feel alone
And dry their tears to show them, it is not so

We give them the tools and the space to figure it out
We teach them to see the power they have, without a doubt

We hold the mirror
We shine the light
We give them the courage to fight the good fight

We are the healers of the heart
We are the comforters of the soul
We are the whisperer of the mind

We are present in the moment
We are witness to their journey

We are their guardians
We are their advocates
We are their guides

We are THEIR school social workers!


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Our Mission

Connecting, empowering, and equipping School Social Workers to provide evidence-informed services.

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