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SSWAA Newsletters: 2013
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December 23, 2013  Associate Executive Director Job Opening,  DC Update, National Conference Update, Common Core Guide for Parents, Funding for Mental Health in Schools--One Year after Sandy Hook, Children's Social Media--zero to Eight, Educating Minds and Hearts--Because the 3 R's Are Not Enough, Teen Pregnancy & Childbirth, Trauma Informed Practices for Women and Girls, Classroom Routine Support, Youth Risk Behavior Data Available, Report on Emotional & Behavioral Disorders in Youth Evidence-Based Assessments • Interventions for the Real World 

December 9, 2013   Advance Conference Rate Deadline, Comprehensive Report on Budget Cuts Released, Timer Touch App, Social Emotional Webinar, Common Core Standards for a Learning Supports Component, ADHD Estimates Rise, Ecstasy Related Emergency Room Visits Rose 128% for Those Under 21, Get Ready for 2014 National Drug Facts Week, Preventing Gang Membership Report, Arming Military Families with Love, Laughter and Practical Tools, Social & Verbal Bullying and Suicide, Youth Career Grants Available, Poverty Strains Cognitive Abilities-Opening Door for Bad Decision-Making, Adolescent Intimate Partner Violence Shows Some Impact on Women's Educational Attainment and Earnings.

November 25, 2013    Impact of Sequestration on SSWs: Tell Us Your Story; Carve Turkeys Not Education Funding; Conference Brochure is Ready, Conference Advance Rate Deadline, SSWAA Board Election, Natural Disaster Response; App of the Week--Take a Break; National Clearinghouse on Supportive School Discipline; Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit; First Step to Success; Families Fell Pinch of Special Ed Cuts; Creating Community Solutions Webinar; Common Core Data by State; Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act; Do Your Hispanic Families Need Assistance with the Affordable Care Act? Parental Incarceration and the Costs to Children; 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health

November 11, 2013   Membership Sale, Nominations for 2014 Awards, DC Update--Mental Health Parity, Common Sense App, Macro Level School Social Work Survey, Report on Child Abuse & Neglect, Social-Emotional Learning Focus of National Association of State Boards of Ed, Precipitants to Youth Suicide, "It's OK to Talk About Mental Health", Pathways for Youth, Dell Scholar Program, Dating Violence and What parents and Providers Can Do, "Get Smart, Get Help, Get Safe", National Institute on Drug Abuse Improves Access for Parents, Teachers and Spanish Language Readers, Latino Youth and the Failure of Justice.

October 28, 2013   Is Your Member of Congress on the Budget Committee? How Are Funding Cuts Impacting Schools? "It's Not Fair" SSW article in Principal Leadership,    SSWAA National Evaluation Framework for SSWs Completed, One Year After Hurricane Sandy: Are You and Your School Ready for an Emergency?, Free Guide for SSWs Supporting Students from Military Families, Ten Ways Schools Can Promote New Health Insurance Opportunities, "Closing the Discipline Gap":  Call for Personal Stories,  New Web Tool to Access Data on OSS, Domestic Violence Prevention Month:  Teen Dating Violence, 1is2Many Initiative to Reduce Violence Against Women, LGBT Youth Dating Violence, Circle 6 App to Prevent Dating Violence, Substance Abuse Prevention Month, New Alcohol Teen Screening Guide, Dads Talking with Teens. 

October 14, 2013    Committee for Education Funding Conference & Gala Banquet: School Social Work was prominent the entire day, SSWAA Board Nominations, "Typical or Troubled" on NBC News, Nat'l SSW Consultation Survey, Nat'l SSW Practice Model presented at Center for School Mental Health Conference,  "A Friend Speaks" App, October is Bullying Prevention Month, When a Student Comes Out to You, Behavioral Health Treatment Expenditures, NEA's 87 Indicators of a Great Public School,   Social emotional Interventions for Young Children,  Schools Obligated to Maintain IEPs When Students Move, Protective Factors Against Suicide Attempts, Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Children, Complete Guide to Positive Behavior Support, Building Resilience in Classrooms and Schools.

September 16, 2013 EBell      Are You Proud to be a School Social Worker?--Count Me In, Conference Deadlines Approaching, SSWAA Offers Guidance for Mental Health Assemblies, NAPSO Becomes NASISP, SSWs Highlighted in Secondary School Principals' Magazine:  "Removing Barriers to Learning: Make specialized instructional support personnel a part of your team to help ensure the success of all students",  "Who Cares About Kelsey" to air on TV, IDEA Partnership, SSWAA Calendar, Toolkit for School Community Change, Nat'l SSW Consultation Survey, CDC's New Web page for Teen Reproductive Health Services, Webinar Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students, "What is a Failing School?", Autism Changes in the DSM 5, Keeping Students with Disabilities Safe from Bullying, Diagnosing Self Destruction, A Strategic Approach to Suicide Prevention, App to Help Students Stop Smoking.

September 2, 2013 EBell:   20th Pre-Anniversary Membership Sale;  Registration Open for National SSW Conferencesm;  Workshop Proposal Deadline; A National Survey of SSWs Supporting Safe and Healthy Schools; SSWAA Board Nominations Needed; DC Update; SSWAA Submits Comments to OCR; $12.3 Million Awarded for Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Grants; Going the Extra Mile--SSW in the News; Psych Drugs App; Autism Diagnosis Criteria in the DSM V; Autism Spectrum Intervention Options for Parents & Educators; "Talk They Hear"--Underage Drinking Prevention;  Sesame Street's "Little Children: Big Challenges--Parent Incarceration":  Need Educational Data?;Healing the Hurt: Trauma-Informed Approaches to the Health of Boys and Young Men of Color; Childhood Bullying Increased with Poor Parenting 

August 5, 2013 EBell:  Senator Patty Murray, Children's Champion Award; DC Update; Summer Leadership & Legislative Institute; Dr. Charles Payne, Conference Opening Keynote Speaker;  Connecting Kids to Coverage; Conversation Starters and What If? Apps; Supporting Siblings of Explosive Children; The Benefits and Drawbacks of Children (9-12) Using Online Social Networking Sites; Building Bridges for Children's Mental Health; Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2012; Homework Strategies for Children with Learning Disabilities; Sesame Street Helps Families Cope with Grief; What Works in Mentoring Programs; Protecting Your Child from Suicide;  Practice Parameters for the Assessment & Treatment of Adolescents with Depressive Disorders; View from the Administrator--Youth Behavioral Health; Sound Advice on Autism; HHS Launches Health Insurance Marketplace Tools

July 1 2013 EBell:   DC Update.  Still Time to Register for Summer Leadership/Legislative Institute,  White House Conference on Mental Health Follow Up,  Call for Papers--National SSW Conferencesm , International SSW Conference--Ghana Newsletter, SSWAA Pinterest,   Teachers Pay Teachers, Teen Hotline App, Come work for a week in Belize,  2013 Kids Count Data, Family Involvement in Middle and High School Student's Education, NIMH Distances Themselves from DMS-V, Partnering with Parents, Adolescents Who Self Harm, The Condition of Education, National Gang Center Newsletters, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy--Helping Depressed Adolescents and using to reduce juvenile arrests,  Support for Early Learning. 

June 3, 2013 EBell:     Disaster Response Resources, Confused about Sequestration? Come to SSWAA's Summer Institute in DC, DC Update, SSWAA Webinar--"Using Motivational Interviewing", SSWAA's new Resolution Statement "Clinical SSW: Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Students", Deadlines Approach:  SSW Evaluation Rubric,  Supporting Safe and Healthy Schools Survey; Cyberbullying: A New Long-Term Challenge; SAMHSA Webinar on Assessing Bullying, Violence, and Substance Abuse; Child Depression Screening Input; Victimization and Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents; Keeping It Together During Difficulty Times; Preventing School Violence; Funding Opportunity for Safe Schools/Healthy Students; Sesame Street Resources for Military Families;  National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health Call for Papers.   

May 20, 2013 EBell:     SSWAA National Evaluation Framework for SSW Practice--Your Comments Needed, Gary Lee Shaffer Award Recipient, DC Update, Supporting Safe and Healthy Schools:  A National Survey of SSWs, School Counselors, and School Psychologists, SSWAA Webinars:  "STARS",  "Using Motivational Interviewing in School Settings",  Member Request for District Protocols for Non-Suicide Self Injury,  "Unwrap Your Graduation Present from SSWAA",  AutismXpress app, Understanding Faces app, CDC First Comprehensive Report on Children's Mental Health in the U.S., Improving Access to Children's Mental Health Services,  Webinar: "Strategies to Address Impact of Trauma in Schools" by Dr. Wong, Insure Kids Now Campaign, OVC Video Series Addresses Children's Exposure to Violence, Attorney General Outlines Response to Children's Exposure to Violence,  Teaching Emotions: A Different Approach to Ending School Violence, National Task Force on Bullying:  Report and Recommendations, Don't Bully Me, Graduation Rates Improve, College Scholarships for At Risk Students, Selective Mutism,  A Demographic Portrait of Mexican-Origin Hispanics in the U.S., An Analysis of State Seclusion and Restraint Laws and Policies

May 6, 2013 EBell:     Children's Mental Health Awareness Day/Week/Month, DC Update, SSW of the Year Awardee, National Conference Newsletter, SSWAA Webinar on Behavioral Supports "The Self Monitoring Training and Regulation Strategy (STARS)",  "SSW in Crisis Situations:  The Right Skills, the Right Professional", 7 Myths About Child Mental Health, President's Blueprint for RESPECT, Evernote App, Much More than ABCs and 123s, How Adolescent Depression Impacts Young Adult Relationships, Teen Dating Abuse in the Digital World: Implications for Prevention and Intervention, myfamily app, Research & Resources to Support At Risk Youth,  Survey Reminders:  School Crisis Response and SSW,   Survey Exploring Experiences and Recommendations Related to School Owned and School Based Mental Health Service Collaborations

April 22, 2013 EBell    More Trauma and Loss, "SSW Students:  Unwrap Your Graduation Present From SSWAA",  Senate Passes Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act, Ongoing Support Needed for School Mental Health Funding, Webinar: "Ethics in SSW", and "The Self-Monitoring Training and Regulation Strategy (STARS):  A Data-Driven Selective Behavior Support Program for Students with Disruptive Behaviors",  App: Take a Stand, Support for Mental Health Services in Schools, April is Autism Awareness Month, Childhood Bullying Can Leave Lifelong Scars, Suicide Prevention & Intervention Resources, The President Sends His Educational Budget to Congress, Education is More Than a Set of Numbers on the Ledger Line, is Now on Tumblr, Drug Testing of Middle-School Students May Help Prevent Substance Abuse, Grant Opportunities, New Survey Requests:  School Crisis Response Survey,  Experiences and Recommendations Related to School Owned and School Based Mental Health Service Collaborations

April 8, 2013 EBell    National SSW Conference Keynotes, Marianne Pennekamp--Lifetime Achievement Awardee, National School Social Work Model is Unveiled, SSWAA Summer Leadership & Legislative Institute, DC Update:  Committee Hearing on Funding for Children's Mental Health, Funding School Mental Health Services THIS year, SSWAA Promotes a Framework for Safe and Successful Schools, International SSW Study Trip, Social Workers..can be the first line of defense in schools,  App of the Week:  AppsGoneFree, Suspensions are NOT What the Doctor Ordered, National Children's Mental Health Day is May 9th, New Report Reviews Federal and State Underage Drinking Prevention Programs, OJJDP Announces New Funding Opportunities

March 25, 2013 EBell:   App of the Week:  Google Translate,  International Network of SSW, Staying Strong:  Assistance with Military Connected Families, ED Presents Webinar on Federal Resources to Help Prevent Youth Drug Abuse and Abuse, Lower Drinking Ages Lead to More Binge Drinking, Five Most Common Mental Illnesses Share the Same Genes,  Bullies Called Him Pork Chop, OJJDP Updates Statistical Briefing Book,  Surveys:  Evidence-based Assessment Practices, Cyberbullying and SSW, I-Pads and SSW Practice, Self Injury, SSW's Role in Eating Disorder Prevention

March 11, 2013 EBell:   SSW Week, SSWs Celebrate, SSWAA Webinar: Crisis De-escalation in School Settings, DC Update, "Ask Arne" Interview Supports SSW Services, Building Capacity in Military Connected Schools, USC, Report on a High School Impacted by Gun Violence--Harper H.S., Chicago Public Schools Receive Grant to Recover from Multiple Shootings, Teens More Likely to Attempt Suicide After Parent's Suicide Attempt, The SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program, Study Opportunities:  Cyberbullying and SSW, I-Pads and SSW Practice, SSW's Role in Eating Disorder Prevention.  Grant Opportunities:  Drug-Free Communities Support Program, Typical or Troubled,

February 25, 2013 EBell:    Celebrate SSW Week, National SSW Conference, What is Pinterest?  Kids Count Data, Funding Opportunities: Teen Dating Violence, Survey Request: Self Injury, We Must Provide Equal Opportunity in Sports to Students with Disabilities, Teaching Tolerance Honors 2012 Culturally Responsive Teaching, HHS Provides Updated Site to Help Families Find Health Insurance, Launches Spanish Website,  Breaking Free from NCLB:  Secretary Duncan Testifies About Lessons Learned from Waivers, Call for Proposals for OCALICON

February 11, 2013 EBell:   16th National SSW Conference, DC Update: Mental Health in Schools, "School Social Workers Improving Student Success Act", "Mental Health in Schools Act", NEA Letter to Vice President Biden Includes Recommendations Supporting SSWs, Next SSWAA Webinar: Using Motivational Interviewing in School Settings, SSW and Clinical Social Work Licensure--We need Your Help!, How Common Core Standards Will Benefit At-Risk Students: A SSW's Perspective, Assessing the State of America's Mental Health: What We Can Do Now, Connecticut Reversing Mental Health Cuts, 113th Congress: How Does it Break Down?, Study Regarding the Rates of College Remedial Coursework, Sesame Street Addresses Divorce, Using Social Skills Training for Children with Disabilities, That's Not Cool! Stopping Digital Dating Abuse, Marijuana Use Continues to Increase as Perceived Risk of Use Decreases Among U.S. High School Seniors, Peace First Price for Young Peace Makers,

January 28, 2013 EBell: SSWAA Joins President's Call to Protect Our Schools and Communities, Federal Fiscal Woes Continue, National SSW Conference Deadlines Approach, Skilled in Social Media? We Need YOU!,  International Journal of School Social Work, One SSWs Legacy, Race to the Top Facts, Mentoring Resources, Transgender and Nongender Identity, National Runaway Switchboard Changes Name, Family Check Up: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse, Extending the School Day, American Teenagers Are Smoking Less, Young Teachers--The New Majority, Connecting Kids to Health Insurance, Statewide Family Network Grants, California Grant Opportunity

January 14, 2013 EBell:   SSWAA Is At the Table in DC!  Conference Updates, Special Presidential Task Force, Cyberbullying and Suicide Survey, Depression in Children & Adolescents, Tragedies put Spotlight on Mental Illness, GLSEN Advocacy Summit Invitation, National Drug Facts Week, A Parent's Guide to Growing Up Drug-Free, Expanding Evidence Approaches for Learning in a Digital World, Webinar on Understanding the Interconnected Systems Framework for Integrating Mental Health Supports in Schools, School to Prison Pipeline, Grant Writing Webinar

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