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What is Pinterest?
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Are you on it? Are you an avid “pinner?” Are you following SSWAA’s boards?

If not, you should be! Pinterest is an online bulletin board where, in your own account, you can have multiple “boards” where you “pin” websites, pictures, ideas, etc. that you want to go back to and possibly use someday. It’s kind of like bookmarking something online but it organizes by pictures, which is especially appealing to those of us who are visual. You can “pin” everything from recipes to books to strategies for teaching anger management to kids.  
You can set up "boards" for social skills, anger management, grief, bullying, classroom lessons, group activities,  tips for teachers/parents, etc.  Once you get started, the possibilities are endless.

Pinterest can be accessed online and also has an “app” that can be used through a mobile device, which gives you quick access on the go and opportunity to “pin” while you are waiting in line at the store, waiting to pick your child up after band practice, or waiting for that long train to pass by.

If you have not used Pinterest before, you will need to create an account. When initially signing up, you will be asked to select at least five of your interests so that the Pinterest gurus can get you started. This will make you “follow” people who have similar interests, so you can see how the pinning works and get started on your own. Eventually, you will be able to “unfollow” these initial people, but it is one of the steps to sign up initially and can’t be avoided.  Once you finish registration, you are ready to pin!!

Here are some tips to get you started:

If on a computer, in the upper lefthand corner, you will find a search box. Here, you can type in a person’s name, a “board” subject, or a subject, and Pinterest will pull up pins that may be relevant to what you are searching for. When you type something in, be sure to then click on “Pins,” “Boards,” or “Pinners” so the information you are seeking is accessed appropriately. Try it by typing “SSWAA” in and then click on “Pinners,” and you will find us.

You can “Follow” a person’s entire account by clicking “Follow” when their name comes up, or you can follow particular boards by clicking on the person’s account picture and then choosing which particular boards to follow.

If you like a particular pin that a person has, you can “Repin” it, which will then prompt you to add it to one of your boards. When pinning to a board, you can use pre-set ones or create your own. Or, you can do a combination of the two. When repinning, you can either pin with the comments the last pinner made or create your own comments.

If you click on the picture, it will most often take you to the website that houses the information you are seeking. Sometimes, people upload pictures that do not lead to a website.
As with any internet information, some of it can be spam. Pinterest does a good job of deleting the pins that are reported as spam to them.

Since you can follow anyone you want, people can follow you, too, so you may want to think twice before posting specific school information or pictures of your house or something personal.

If you want to get back to your “home” page, I have found it easiest to go to your name, then to boards. This action will show you all of your boards and tell you the number of people you are following and the number who are following you. If you want to check that information out, just click on it.

What are you waiting for? Get started. Happy Pinning!!

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