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December, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter  My Life in School, Dance and Social Work (Laos)

November, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter  School Social Work in the State of Victoria, Australia

October, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter  School Social Workers and Hungry Students, Guangzhou China School Social Work Survey. 

September, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter  School Social Workers Help Meet Students' Basic Needs

August, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter   News from Iceland:  We need social workers in the school system for better services and policy making

July, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter   Current situation of school social work in Japan

June, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter    School Social Work in Asia.   6th International School Social Work Conference in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

May, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter    School Social Work in Guyana;  Schools in Jamaica Need Social Workers.

April, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter    Call for Proposals for the 6th International School Social Work Conference in Mongolia (See details).   School Social Work In Canada,  School Social Work (Schulsozialarbeit)  in Germany

March, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter           "A Snapshot of School Social Work in 2014":   "History of School Social Work", "Professional literature, school social work associations and standards", "The International Network for School Social Work"

February, 2014 INSSWA Newsletter     International School Social Work Conference in Mongolia,  "School Social Work in Mongolia,"  "The Mongolian Association of School Social Workers," "Present Challenges." 

January, 2014 INSSW Newsletter           "The International Network:  Community for School Social Workers


December, 2013 INSSW Newsletter      "School social work behind the success of student achievement in Finnish schools"   by Pirkko Sipilä-Lähdekorpi, Doctor of Social Sciences.  Pirkko is a retired lecturer in Social Work at the University of Tampere

November, 2013 INSSW Newsletter       "The Miracle of Finnish Schools:  Some reasons behind the success" by Inga Arffman, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

October, 2013 INSSW Newsletter
           "School Attendance"

September, 2013  INSSW Newsletter     "School Social Work and Students with Disabilities"

August, 2013 INSSW Newsletter             "School Social Work is Progressing:  Jamaica, New Zealand, Japan"

July, 2013 INSSW Newsletter                   "Where School Social Workers are Needed Now--Botswana, Bulgaria, Jamaica"

June, 2013 INSSW Newsletter                 "The Diverse Field of School Social Work in Austria"

May, 2013 INSSW Newsletter                    'School Community Development Project in Sri Lanka"

April, 2013 INSSW Newsletter                   School social workers sometimes inquire about working overseas. Visas, qualifications and inadequate connections can make this difficult. However there are many NGO's that provide opportunities for volunteer work, and this is a possiility for school social workers. This month's newsletter describes an experienced school social worker's experiences volunteering in Mongolia.

March, 2013 INSSW Newsletter                Article from Laos about starting social work services in schools. The article is a stimulating description of how a single social worker introduced social work services into schools in a poor, rural area using the few resources at hand.

February, 2013 INSSW Newsletter            "SSW in Australia", "SSW in Singapore", "SSW in Luxembourg", "SSW in Nigeria" 

January, 2013 INSSW Newsletter              "Status of School Social Work in Mongolia", "Global Consultation on Education", "A Song for Girls in Pashto"


December, 2012 INSSW Newsletter         "The 2012 International Survey of School Social Work"  (Summary)  For complete Survey Report, click here.  (Members Only)

November, 2012 INSSW Newsletter         "School Social Work in China", Schulsozialarbeit in Switzerland", Skolkurator in Sweden" and 2012 International Survey of School Social Work"

October, 2012 INSSW Newsletter              "School Social Work and Educational Equity for Girls",   Gender Equity from UNESCO

September 2012, INSSW Newsletter        "Schulsozialarbeit in Austria",  "Social Workers in Norway's Schools" and "School Social Work International Collaboration"

August, 2012 INSSW Newsletter                School Social Work in Curacao,  Trinidad,  Tobago amd South Africa; "Exploring the Viability of School Based Support for Vulnerable Children: A case study of  two  township schools in Johannesburg"

June, 2012 INSSW Newsletter                   Snapshots of School Social Work in the U.S.

April, 2012 INSSW Newsletter:                  "5th International SSW Conference", "International Delegates Meeting"

February, 2012 INSSW Newsletter:

Canadian Association of School Social Workers and Attendance Counsellors

Spring, 2012 Canadian Newsletter:       "Supporting Traumatized Children", "Recent Research on Autism", "Neuroscience Resources", "Member Survey", etc..


November, 2011 INSSW Newsletter:       "New Initiatives for International Collaboration in School Social Work"                                                                      

 October, 2011 INSSW Newsletter:            "Ghana Brags"

August, 2011 INSSW Newsletter:              "Once Upon a Time"  

Summer, 2011 INSSW Newsletter:           "Vietnam:  Suicides Prompt Call for Social Workers in Schools":  Hungary;  South Africa;  Botswana;  Kenya

May, 2011 INSSW Newsletter:                     "Iceland"

April, 2011, INSSW Newsletter:                   "Helping the Newest New Yorkers and their Children Adjust to School"                                                                                

February, 2011, INSSW Newsletter:           "School Social Work in France: Le service social scolaire"


December, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:        "School Social Work to Start in Hungary";   "Reaching the Marginalized";  "Using Gapminder for a fact-based worldview"

November, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:         "A Timeline of [International] School Social Work"

October, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:              "Korea School Social Workers Association 10th Birthday",    "School Social Work Site" (Web Resource)

September, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:         Germany:   "School Social Work:  Through the Schools or from Youth Services"

August, 2010,  INSSW Newsletter:               "The International Network"

June, 2010, INSSW Newsletter;                    "School Social Work in Ghana"

June, 2010 SSWAA Develops International School Social Work Journal     SSWAA has developed a free on line International School Social Work Journal to expand the quantitative and qualitative research base supporting school social work services throughout the world.   Call for paper guidelines.  

May, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:                      "School Social Work in Switzerland:  A new field of action amongst established youth services"

April, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:                     "The Hungarian Association of School Social Workers, MISZME,  Major Steps in the History of the Hungarian Professional Association"

March, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:                  "School Social Work in the United States"

February, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:

January, 2010, INSSW Newsletter:               "School Social Work in Hungary"  


December, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:          "Communicating with School Social Workers Around the World";  "Vienna to have 30 School Social Workers"; "Asian School Social Work Seminar";  "HOPE in Sri Lanka"

December, 2009                                                "Reaching out to School Social Workers Around the World" .  Subscribe to the International School Social Work listserv 

November, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:           "Bullying:  It's More Than Meets the Eye"

October, 2009. INSSW Newsletter:                "Infant Attachment & School Success"

September, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:          "National Training for Education Social Workers in Mongolia"

July, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:                       "The Effect of Social Work Intervention on Students Refusing to Attend School in Japan";  "The Continuing Development of School Social Work in Mongolia"

June, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:                     "School Social Work  Launched in Nigeria"  

August, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:                  "The Role of the School Social Worker with Very Special Needs Students in the New York City Department of Education"

April, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:  

February, 2009, INSSW Newsletter:

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