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Resources for State Associations: Why Volunteer for Leadership
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Why Would Any SANE Person Volunteer to Help With (Your State Association/Organization)

Why One WOULD NOT Volunteer

*  No money -- all the positions are strictly voluntary

*  Need to give up some of your free time (like there is much of that)

*  Got enough on your plate already

Why One WOULD Volunteer

You get the latest information--learn about the best practices before known to the general public

*  Network with School Social Workers not only from around this state, but the entire Country

Lessen feelings of isolation --make real supportive connections

*  You can spend time with people who really "get" what you do.

Creativity is rewarded

You can see the impact of your efforts -- as you work together with state leadership, you can see the outcomes supporting School Social Workers in our state

Give back to the profession -- this is part of your ethical expectations

NATIONAL ARGUMENT:  Sure there is no financial pay, but you could get some of your travel expenses reimbursed when you represent our state to attend the Delegate Assembly and/or the Summer Leadership and Legislative Institute -- where you can network with state and national leadership including other Specialized Instructional Support Personnel and legislative leadership, you can receive resources to assist the promotion of School Social Workers in (our state), you will have a chance to be part of national policy development on the Hill as well as with the School Social Work Association of America; and you will receive the very latest information regarding the profession!

*  MIDWEST ARGUMENT:  As a member of the Midwest School Social Work Council, you could also get some of your travel expenses reimbursed when you attend the Midwest School Social Work Conference and Midwest School Social Work Council meetings twice a year -- where you can hear about issues impacting School Social Workers in the Midwest states and where you can get ideas to respond to issues our state may be trying to deal with. 

*  You do lose some free time, but most meetings are less than 20 hours per year and some positions require less than 4 hours all year. (Need to adjust language for your state)

* Studies have shown when people do nice things for others, they release endorphins which make them happy.  So giving back to the profession can make you a happier person.  If you are ever feeling down or frustrated, doing something nice for someone can be the easiest way to feel better.

* All this would make you look even more valuable to your district!


(Adapted from a flier from the School Social Work Association of Missouri.  Use to adapt for YOUR state.  Download Word Document.) 









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