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Promoting School Social Work
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Clearinghouse:  Information that has been shared that may assist you.    SSW

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Celebrate School Social Work Week:  

March 6 - 12, 2016  (First Full week of March)

For Celebration Activities and  several Governors' Proclamations for School Social Work Week: Click here   How did you celebrate?  Let us know. 

Job Retention:

SSWAA has been compiling a list of documents specifically to assist SSWAA Members in keeping your job! 

See below for additional resources that may be helpful in advocating for School Social Work. 

SSWAA National School Social Work Model:
     Improving academic and behavioral outcomes

The School Social Work Practice Model is SSWAA’s official policy for the delivery of school social work services.

For more details, click here. 

School Social Worker's Role:

"We need to get in there and do the work. We may do our work in a classroom, at a table, under a table, outside of a home on the front porch or through a screened door. We may do our work with puppets and clay or graffiti and spoken word, before school or during lunch...nonetheless, we do the work."  by Heather Alden

School Social Workers' Role in Addressing Students' Mental Health Needs and Increasing Academic Achievement   SSWAA Document

Effective School Staffing Model:  Teaming School Counselors, School Psychologists, and School Social Workers-- Joint Statement


The American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) endorse an Interdisciplinary Teaming Approach to SISP staffing that involves School Social Workers, School Psychologists and School Counselors. The national organizations collectively will continue to promote the unique roles of school counselors, school psychologists, and school social workers and will support state and local affiliate efforts toward appropriate hiring models that recognize the role and importance of each of these professionals. Click here for complete Statement.

A Box of Crayons:  What School Social Work is All About  By Heather Alden Pope, 2012 School Social Worker of the Year

A Day in the Life of a School Social Worker:  DVD available for purchase

Elements of School Social Work  Learn some of the elements of School Social Work Services.   One page bulleted quick glance regarding the role and service areas School Social Workers address. 

Frameworks of School Social Work.  Systems level framework for School Social Work Services.  One page diagram.

In April, 2013 SSWAA joined the National Association of Secondary School Principals, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association of School Psychologists, American School Counselor's Association, National Association of School Resource Officers to develop  A Framework for Safe and Successful Schools    This document outlines the various roles that we each play in schools. 

Overlapping and Unique Roles of OH Specialized Pupil Services Personnel--Venn Diagram of SSW, School Psych and School Counseling Roles 

Overview of School Based Mental Health Services  Joint document regarding School Based Mental Health by the School Social Work Association of America, the American School Counselors Association and the National Association of School Psychologists

School Social Work ad  Developed by SSWAA for School Social Work publicity.

School Social Work Services:   A quick, one page resource outlining School Social Work services.  

School Social Work Within the Schools: Learn some of the frameworks of School Social Work Services

School Social Work as a Career:  Interested in becoming a School Social Worker?  

Who are We to Our Students?   Poem by Hope Pacheco

School Social Work Advocacy Resources: 

"I keep trying new things because the kids can’t afford for me not to. They need all of us to push through the barriers that pop up in their lives so that they can access the possibilities that await them"  Heather Alden

School Social Workers in the News:

Click here for articles by and about School Social Workers.

School Social Work Related Articles

"The Changing Role of School Social Workers", Annette Johnson, ACSW, LCSW

"How to Get Publicity for School Social Work"   Media tips.  Contributed by Mary Bragg

"Is Mental Health the Next Focus of the School Safety Debate?"

Letter to the Editor:  "More School Mental Health Professionals (School Social Workers)  Needed"

"Maximize the Potential of Your School Social Worker"
One of SSWAA’s leaders in the field and keynote speaker at our annual conference, Annette Johnson, underscores the value of school social workers in the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Student Services column.   SSWAA encourages you to use this piece to advocate for yourself and your profession and remind your principals and administrators of your value and potential. Think of what could be accomplished if your school could hire another school social worker? Principal Leadership, written by Annette Johnson & Libby Nealis, March  2014

"Outsourcing School Health Professionals Hurts Students Most"

"Research in Focus:  Social Emotional Learning"  (Research proving school based staff are more effective regarding social and emotional learning.)

"Revenues Generated for School Districts by School Social Work Services" Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction  Very useful in demonstrating your financial worth to a school district. 

"Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Students"     

"Removing Barriers to Learning: Make specialized instructional support personnel a part of your team to help ensure the success of all students"   Principal Leadership, written by SSWAA's Director of Policy and Advocacy, Libby Nealis, September 2013 .

"The School Social Worker in Crisis Situations:  The Right Skills, The Right Professional"   

"The Value of School Social Work:  21 Ways to Promote Our Worth in Education"  (2012) Contributed by Mary Pat Gilliam

"What is a "Failing" School?"  An in-depth analysis is likely to reveal that most "failing schools" are not failing schools, but are schools that enroll high proportions of students who need extra help, extra tutoring, smaller classes, social workers, guidance counselors, psychologists, and a variety of other interventions.

"Why each school needs its own social worker".  


(For information about these SSWAA brochures or to order multiple copies for distribution, click here.)

Personal Safety Guidelines Brochure. 

Positive School-Home Communication: A Collaborative Effort Student Success

School Social Work - A Life Changing Career

School Social Work - Ensuring Student Success

Powerpoints  (Click here, for SSWAA member access to these resources)

School Social Work National Practice Model Powerpoint

Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP)--Your Pupil Service Team. Updated Powerpoint (August, 2014) covering the roles of School Social Workers, Professional School Counselors, School Psychologists and School Nurses which can be adapted for local use.   Add your own state or district's information.   Pick and choose the slides that would assist you.    Includes SSWAA's National School Social Work Practice Model. 

What's the difference between School Social Workers and Professional School Counselors?    Powerpoint covering the roles of School Social Workers and Professional School Counselors taken from the SISP Powerpoint which can be adapted for local use.   Add your own state or district's information.   Pick and choose the slides that would assist you.

Resolution Statements

A number of Resolution Statements are available to use in advocating on various issues.      Member access to Resolution Statements.

School Social Work Manuals

Indiana School Social Work Manual.   Developed by the Indiana Association of School Social Workers

Manual for School Social Work Practice in Minnesota.   Developed by the Minnesota School Social Workers Association

School Social Work Practice Guide.  Developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

School Social Work Certification:

Interactive U.S. map to find State School Social Work Certification Requirements.

Social Work Licensure (general):

SSWAA Resolution Statement regarding licensure:  Clinical School Social Work:  Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Students 

See information on Earning Your MSW and How to Become a Social Worker   Provided by Social Work License Map

See information on How to Become a Licensed  Social Worker.   Developed by Social Work Degree website. 

See state interactive Social Work License Map  for the various state clinical licensure (LCSW, LMSW, Etc.) requirements. Provided by National Association of State Boards of Education

Resources by Topic:

Resources and Links by Topic:

(Click here for SSWAA member access to these Resources)


Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do to support you or your state association.   Have a pressing question or issue?  You can now also reach us by phone at 800-588-4149

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